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History of the Blue Knights
    The Blue Knights started in April, 1974 when Ed Gallant, a police officer with the Bangor, Maine Police Department, had an idea to form a motorcycle club for people in law enforcement. Seven or eight other officers from the area worked with him to investigate the feasibility of establishing such an association. The name "Blue Knights" was suggested by Dave Coleman, Chief of the Brewer Police Department. John Bryant, an artist for the Brewer PD (not a Blue Knight) drew the logo for the club. The first rides were in Maine and often ended at the Black Knight Restaurant in Brewer; however, the members traveled to New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Quebec and Rhode Island, as well.
    The news of the Blue Knights organization began to spread after an article that ran in the Bangor Daily News was picked up by U.P.I. Articles also ran in the Road Rider Magazine. Inquiries started to form. The first chapter outside of Maine was in Brockton, Massachusetts. In Canada, the first chapter was in Moncton, New Brunswick. The first convention was held in 1975 at Squaw Mountain, Maine. It was attended by many of the early members. The club has continued to grow over the years, as has the structure, which now includes an expanded International Board, Conferences and Chapters. We are an incorporated fraternal organization operating under an International Constitution and Bylaws. The organization has survived many growing pains to reach its size today.
    At this time, there are more than 14,000 Blue Knights worldwide in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, England, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Mexico... and we grow annually.

Some Rewards of association with the Blue Knights are:
    Enjoying the company of different people who share not only the common bond of law enforcement but also the love of motorcycles.      Being able to visit your friends in any of our member countries and being treated like family.
    Receiving well wishes and encouragement from people you've never met.
      (there are no strangers in the Blue Knights, only friends you have yet to meet).
    Riding with Blue Knights spouses and children who give that added family touch.
    Becoming involved with disabled/disadvantaged children's organizations, giving them rides and support.

Ed Gallant's dream to have a motorcycle club and to ride with his fellow officers has become a reality beyond his imagination.




Geographically, the world's largest Conference.




According to the By-Laws, our purposes and goals are to:

1. Provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment, education, physical, mental and social benefit of its members and the general public.
2. To promote and advance the sport and safety of motorcycling.
3. To serve the interests of motorcycle owners and users.
4. To promote by example and any other acceptable means, safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles.
5. To develop a fraternal spirit between law enforcement personnel and the general public.

    Many Blue Knights work long and hard to raise money for various charities. Especially near to our hearts is helping children. Make-a-Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Toys for Tots, D.A.R.E. and Concerns of Police Survivors are some examples of the most favored.  

The Blue Knights is a family fraternity. Spouses and children often accompany our members to the various rides and functions. When travelling, local members can provide assistance, directions and sometimes a place to stay. We are truly a family.





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